Fortnite game disappears, players battle giant burgers using pizza slices

Fortnite perished. This development may seem unthinkable, but this is precisely what has happened. The entire game map has disappeared, as well as its social networks. This development left users in shock.

So what exactly is happening now?

If the players go to the game, all they will see is a void of space. At the center of all this nothingness is a black hole. But in the midst of all this weirdness, players will be able to do something: shoot a giant burger.

Fortnite News tweeted to let players uncover the secret minigame hidden in the center of the black screen. And yes, that’s the whole game. Or what’s left of it. Epic Games surely knows how to create surprises.

How can players access this hidden mini-game? They can do this by simply entering the famous Konami code. Once users have done this, they will be able to move on to the remaining playable portion of Fortnite.

For those who don’t know the Konami code, here’s how it works. All players have to do is press the following sequence: up, up, down left and right. This sequence is followed by pressing B, A, Start, or Enter if a player is using a keyboard and mouse.

Players will then be taken to the arcade-style game, which will test their shooting skills. but here’s the catch. Users will use icons for franchises featured on Fortnite, including Durr Burger and Pizza Pit.

For those who are eager to play the game, the pizza icons may not unleash the heroes they contain. But at least they can take a break from their creature slaughter. All they have to do is focus on getting rid of those space burgers.

However, fans of classic arcade games will have fun playing this mini game. It has a distinctly retro feel similar to what users experience in Galaga. When the game starts, the burgers will fall from the top and need to be knocked down with the help of the pizza slice.

When pizza explosions hit the burgers, they erupt into splashes of ketchup and mustard. Fortnite players will then have to face off against the boss of Durr Burger, who will fire pineapple-shaped rockets. What is the price of beating it? A victory”.

After defeating the big boss, users can continue playing the game to get higher score. However, they will not come across any new opponents. This Fortnite minigame, despite its simplicity, is adorable and can help fill the void until the start of Season 2.

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