Debit & Credit Card Skimming Fraud – How to Avoid Skimming Cards


 I vividly remember the day of the summer when my wife and I were walking a movie in the theater when I received a call from an unknown number.

I decided to listen to the voice message before we went to the show. When I heard the words “your bank account has suspicious activity on it,” I got a little worried, but I thought that Bank of America simply didn’t like one of the transactions we had previously made. So I quickly took a look at our checking account transactions on the Bank of America iPhone app. That’s when my stomach went down my throat and my heart started running. I saw two $ 1,000 deductions from our account for a shady site where we definitely did not purchase anything. Our bank account was compromised and we were devastated.

The bank told us that the transactions were carried out using my bank card number. The strange thing is that my bank card number has never been lost or stolen. Fortunately, Bank of America was great about the whole situation and because you are never liable for unauthorized transactions in your bank account, the money was returned to our account within three business days.

No one has ever confirmed this, but given the number of incidents in Orlando in the last year, I am convinced that my bank card was skimmed. I cannot state exactly where it happened, but I have no other explanation, since we rarely buy things oTertius Lydgateine ​​and there are no websites where our bank card number is stored.

How card foams take place

How card foams take place

Here are four of the most likely Tertius Lydgateijke ways your credit or debit card can be skimmed off:

  1. ATMs : an ATM skimming device is used that fits on the real ATM card reader slot. ATM users do not know that their information is intercepted because their card is placed in the wrong reader.
  2. Gas pumps – This skimmer is installed in a gas pump within minutes and is not visible to users. A gas pump key can be mounted on pump houses in multiple stations, so that you have quick and easy access. I think this was the place where my card was skimmed off. I get gas in a lot of tourist areas around Orlando, where criminals are more likely to go after the pumps.
  3. Handheld devices – Someone can take your credit card and quickly record the information with a swipe on these small devices. In Orlando oTertius Lydgateangs there were two different cases of waitresses in restaurants who caught cards with these hand machines. They were paid a nominal, fixed rate for each card they took from an intermediary who then sold them on the black market for heavy money. Think about it, when you send your credit or debit card away with a restaurant server, this is one of the only times that your card is out of sight and not in your possession.
  4. Keystroke loggers : this device can be connected to computers for general use, such as computers in the library, or to payment machines on payment machines to register passwords and other personal data. They can also be dropped on your computer as harmful spyware Tertius Lydgateoad.

Maybe I’m a little paranoid. I could never really confirm that my card was skimmed. However, by researching the skimming of credit cards in Orlando, I found quite a few people caught in areas near where I live and work.

How to avoid reducing fraud

How to avoid reducing fraud

I am convinced that this crime is a real threat. If you agree, here are some tips to prevent you from becoming a victim of credit card skimming and ultimately identity theft and financial fraud.

  • Go to the bank window – If you go to a bank during office hours, go to the bank and make a withdrawal or drive to the counter instead of making money at the cash machine.
  • Get money back – Take advantage of the opportunity to get cash back at a supermarket instead of making money from an ATM.
  • Paying for gas indoors – Paying gas at the pump is handy, but not convenient enough to risk your credit card details. Choose to pay indoors instead of using the machine outdoors. It only takes a few minutes longer.
  • Pay cash – Try to earn money and use it more often at gas stations and restaurants.
  • Ask for the manager – Don’t be shy to ask if your credit or debit card is managed by a manager in a restaurant. Protecting your Persertius Lydgate-rich financial information is far too important to worry about insulting people.
  • Keep shopping and banking on your private computer – Avoid shopping or banking on computers for general use oTertius Lydgateine. If you ever have to use a public computer for these transactions, erase the cache, cookies, and history afterwards to make sure.

Last thought


Skiming credit cards can have devastating consequences for your personal status. I was lucky that my bank quickly informed me and was willing to work with me to combat the false accusations of my card. I am sure others have lost much more to this latest trend in credit card fraud and identity theft. Make sure you do everything you can to protect yourself.

Do you have any other tips or ideas to prevent credit card skimming? Share your experiences and ideas in the comments below.


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