Fortnite accused of ripping off “Among Us” game mechanics with impostors mode

Fortnite is coming under fire for copying the game mechanics from Among Us and not offering any credit to the original game developers.

Tuesday, Fortnite introduced a new mode called “Imposters” which looked dreadfully the same in Among Us, an online multiplayer board game.

The Impostors mode brings together 10 Fortnite players. Eight players must maintain and repair the facility in which they are hosted. The two remaining players are secretly impostors to take out the others and sabotage the facility.

Like among us, Fortnite players can call a meeting to discuss the vote of anyone suspected of being an impostor. “Work together to root out anyone pretending to be another agent, but don’t trust anyone completely, anyone could be an impostor,” adds Fortnite developer Epic Games.

Tuesday, Adriel Wallick, programmer for Among Us, tweeted a web comic of a cartoon character stealing another character’s creation. “Anyway, I just feel pretty disappointed today,” she added. “Everything in the world was already feeling overwhelming, so it was just another fun reminder of how we really are little kids.”

“It would have been really, really cool to collaborate haha,” added Victoria Tran, community developer for Among Us. Tweeter Tuesday. Meanwhile, game programmer Gary Porter points out that even the level design in Fortnite’s new Impostor mode somewhat resembles the map layout you’ll find in Among Us.

Still, it’s important to note that Among Us itself takes elements from the board game. Mafia, which also revolves around players identifying impostors in a group. Nonetheless, the main gripe from Among Us game designer Marcus Bromander is that Fortnite has reportedly made no more effort to differentiate itself.

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“We did not patent the mechanics Among us”, Bromander tweeted. “I don’t think this leads to a healthy gaming industry. Is it really that hard to put in 10% more effort to give it your own touch? “

Fornite developer Epic Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But this isn’t the first time the company has been accused of copying games. In 2018, it was for follow-up for copying rival game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, although the lawsuit was later dropped.

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