Online Unemployed Credit: Personal & Professional

CADI makes it possible to make a personal and professional micro-credit to those who need it, and even (and especially) for job-seekers! If you are in this situation just log in to his site to apply online. CADI micro credits are fast loans for the unemployed, who will be able to unlock urgent situations. Loans of honor for unemployed or holder of the RSA (minimum social) will complete this device.

What does CADI offer?

What does CADI offer?

The CADI makes it possible to make a credit by being at the RSA, or to obtain a micro loan while being unemployed. But his action is not limited to personal loans for the unemployed. The micro-credit professional will lead to the creation of many companies (often self-entrepreneurship), and the social body can provide financial support to avoid over-indebtedness.

The credits:

  1. The professional micro-credit
  2. Personal micro-credit for employment
  3. The solidarity micro-franchise
  4. Microcredit mobility

The main questions I will answer here (among others)

  • How to apply for a micro credit online?
  • Is this a personal loan without proof for job seeker, can I get a micro business finance if I am unemployed?
  • Is there a micro credit for FICP (prohibited banking) without justifications?

Economic development assistance can help people in difficulty to find credit in 3 ways: by a social loan for starting a business, by a micro solidarity franchise and a small loan of honor for the applicant. employment.

1. The professional micro-credit

1. The professional micro-credit

The micro credit is primarily for micro entrepreneurs, those who do not need a large amount of money to start, but to whom a small credit is enough. We can sometimes be discouraged by the inertia of banks and their hesitation to lend to those who do not necessarily have the guarantees to put in the balance. This is where CADI takes over by financing those who do not have access to conventional credit, and by giving them the weapons to create a sustainable business.

The conditions of attribution

Who will be able to subscribe to the CADI credit, and under what conditions?

The pro loan can be used to finance a portion of the stock, the equipment needed to start a business, or a vehicle used for employment. But the CADI loan is a loan, to which is added an interest rate.

It will therefore be necessary to subscribe consider how to repay, and include monthly payments in its cash plan. The interest rate is set at 8.13%. It is a fixed rate, but it will be higher (5% more) for loans lower than 750 euros.

Why a loan with interest?

After all, it’s an association, and you’re legitimate to ask yourself that question. But if the CADI applies interests, it is not to enrich, or to push you a little more.

First, with them, she will be able to face the repayment of her own loans, which she has subscribed to allow unemployed creators to borrow. Then, it will be able to finance other projects, and continue to allow those who are refused by banks to borrow.

Can we make a mini-credit professional when we are unemployed?

Some banks will answer yes, provided you provide serious solvency guarantees, or the surety of a relative.

For others, those who have nothing else to put in the balance that the supposed success of their pro project, it is more difficult. The association CADI is present, in priority for that.

  • Total amount that can be financed: 10,000 euros
  • The amount of micro credit pro: located in the range between 500 and 6 000 euros
  • The complement by a loan of honor: 4000 euros

Example of a micro credit for the pros with the amount of financing, the repayment term and monthly payments.

1) Monthly cost of credit of € 16.10 included, for a total financing cost of € 402.55, TEG 12.52%
2) Monthly cost of credit of € 30.18 inclusive, for a total financing cost of € 905.32, TEG 11.75%
3) Monthly cost of credit of € 43.89 inclusive, for a total financing cost of € 1755.47, TEG 10.76%

Added to this is aids to obtain bonuses depending on the location of the project. Some regions, to attract creators, put in place financial aids that can be valuable when completing a business plan.

Where to go?

It is possible to meet members of the association throughout France, CADI having offices in most major cities. It is important in the context of its business creation, to be able to address people close to the problems of its location. Employees, but also volunteers, will accompany the creator until the birth of his professional project.

Micro finance is a difficult exercise, which involves developing a proximity between the carer and the caregiver, in order to create the social link necessary for mutual understanding.

If you want to renew your micro credit

Rest assured, I know what it is. Once you have paid off a loan, there is a great temptation to buy another credit, if only because our needs change over time.

Know that if you have not encountered any problems to pay your first credit, you will not be denied a second, it is up to you to demonstrate that your business needs this money again.

Good to know: you do not have to wait until you get everything back to make your second request.

Warning: this renewal can not be done on the net. You must meet an CADI advisor for this.

2. The personal micro-credit for employment

2. The personal micro-credit for employment

How to have a micro credit when one is unemployed and RSA? This is the problematic with which all those who do not fit in the boxes of the perfect little consumer and who are politely not answered by their banker at the time of the loan application have to struggle.

Fortunately, CADI grants micro credits for employment to those who need it most. The association puts employment at the heart of its priorities.

In fact, an unemployed person may need money to find work:

  • Getting your driving license
  • Have your car repaired
  • Move
  • Buying a used vehicle: indeed, without payroll, how to have a micro-credit to buy a car to go to work?

But also to keep his job:

  • Pay the nanny
  • Change car
  • Form

Personal micro-credit for employment has only one purpose: to help the person who benefits from it not to let go, to get out of unemployment, or to avoid falling into it.

Who can request it

Being looking for a job, and only touching the social minimums is a plus to address CADI, which helps those excluded from the system to launch their activity project.

You must be of age and age does not count to be able to file a file of help. Being banned banking does not prevent to request a micro credit. The situations of over-indebtedness are more problematic, and the file will have to be studied in its entirety by the advisor CADI.

What documents to provide

  • After the preliminary telephone interview on motivations and experience (for the viability of the project)
  • Proof of income (possible wages, unemployment benefits, CAF assistance…)
  • Tax notice
  • The last statements of account
  • The financing plan

The amount of the aid

  • Pro credit: 6000 (30 monthly maximum)
  • Loan of Honor: 4000 (idem)
  • Personal loan: 3000 (24 monthly maximum)

It is possible to request a new micro credit once the first one has been repaid (even in advance). In the event of a bankruptcy or a stoppage of the activity, it will still be necessary to finish repaying the loan.

Warning: you will need to have a deposit

Do you have someone around you who can be a surety for 50% of your loan? Well it’s a good thing, because the CADI will ask him to do it!


This is not to complicate your life, but to ensure that there are people around you who believe in your project, and that you have the support of your loved ones.

The deposit can be anyone, as long as this person is close to you and is over 18 years old. It can be a friend, someone who is part of your family, and even someone you knew at work!

What is needed is that she is a guarantor and that she is there to support you if things do not turn out as you hoped!

Good behavior to adopt if you can not repay

The unexpected, like the banking ban, can happen to everyone. If you happen to realize that you will not be able to pay your refund for the next due date, do not stay silent!

So I advise you to contact the occurrence of the problem encountered your advisor to CADI, because do not forget that you have signed a contract. As such, you must follow the repayment schedule.

GOOD TO KNOW: if your business ceases to exist but you have not finished repaying, you still have to go to the end of your credit since the money is ready in your own name, and name to that of your company.

3. The solidarity micro franchise

3. The solidarity micro franchise

The CADI has more than one string to his bow. Among them, the micro franchise solidarity: the driver without a car, and the creation of a gardening or DIY company.

Creating your own job when you are unemployed can sometimes be difficult. Among the anti-unemployment solutions is the solidarity micro franchise. To create your franchise by being unemployed, why not take inspiration from a solidarity model?

The principle remains the same as that of a classic franchise: a company that has already proven itself, and the provision of tools to help start-up. A way to start your own business without necessarily being alone.

All information is on CADI Connect: online credits for job seekers who want to start their business. To follow some examples.

Driver without a car

An original concept if we do not necessarily have the means to invest in a car: drive that of his client! A service that can be used by seniors, or even those who have been removed from driving licenses.

The booking center is shared between all affiliates, which limits the cost of the structure. No quality required, apart from being a good driver…

Good business start-up help for unemployed people through micro credit for auto entrepreneurs.

Create a small DIY business

The micro O2 franchise set up by the CADI invested the niche of home services. Do-it-yourself and gardening work is in great demand by individuals who do not have the time or the skills to maintain the garden and the home.

The billing and booking service are shared, to simplify the activity as much as possible. 9,000 euros are needed to start, which can be fully financed by adir, through a loan of honor, a personal loan, or a micro-professional loan.

Good financial support for self-employed entrepreneurs without starting capital. One can even become self-employed by being at RSA.

What are the criteria that will defeat CADI in the right direction (yours)?

You will be evaluated especially as a project leader. It’s the human first (the banks can not say the same). What will count above all else is your motivation. It’s up to you to be convincing, but also to highlight your experience and skills in the sector you are aiming for.

Your project will of course have all its importance. The place where you will install your business, but also its potential and the projected turnover that you got from your first studies.

Finally, your repayment ability. What is your budget, and will your company generate enough turnover to pay for it and repay CADI, the goal being of course not to put you in a precarious situation?

To know if you are under 32 years old

There is a program of CADI called ” I become Entrepreneur ” and is offered to those under 32 years of age.

In addition to the classical accompaniment, you benefit from additional training allowing you to solidify your idea and to move faster and a personalized accompaniment. Cherry on the spoils, it is a certifying formation!

4. Micro credit mobility

4. Micro credit mobility

Moving around, if you are unemployed, is at the heart of your reintegration problem. When it comes to finding work or needing transportation to keep it, you may need to make a quick loan.

  • How much is it? It starts at 300 € and can go up to 5000 €.
  • What is the repayment term? Between 6 months and 3 years.
  • Interest rate: 7.58% + a solidarity contribution of 5% of the amount.

Example of the amount of a mobility funding:

1) Monthly credit cost of € 5.15 included in the monthly payment, with an overall total cost of € 92.68, TEG of 14.97%, Interest rate 7.58%,
) Monthly credit cost of € 8.14 included in the monthly payment, with an overall total cost of € 195.39, TEG of 13.20%, Interest rate 7.58%,
) Monthly credit cost of € 14.95 included in the monthly payment, with a total financing cost of € 358.76, TEG of 13.19%, Interest rate 7.58%

What can be financed with this loan for mobility?

All the needs that affect a problem of transport. They may concern:

  1. our car license.
  2. Your heavyweight driver’s license.
  3. Renting a car.
  4. The purchase of a vehicle or the repair of it.
  5. The fact of having to change city and therefore to move.
  6. That of having to follow a training away from your home.

Are you entitled to it?

What is good with this micro credit CADI is that if you do not have access to credit in a bank because of your personal situation (RSA, unemployment, CDD…) then it is for you! Here, touching social minima and looking for work is an advantage!

All you need to have is over 18 at the time of your request. Old and young, from the moment they are still active and major are welcome. There is no age requirement.

And if you are banned, which I do not wish you but can happen to everyone, you still have the right to apply, online or in agency (see at the end of this article)!

Apply for a micro credit online: the procedure

Apply for a <a href=micro credit online: the procedure” />

On, it is possible to apply for a microcredit online. Simply register and connect to the microcredit simulator to assess your needs and know the amount of monthly payments that will have to be repaid each month.

Among loans for unemployed online, the CADI file remains one of the simplest to mount, it takes less than 10 minutes to apply on the site. Make a credit for unemployed online, you had to think about it: simple and effective.

Did you like this article but still have questions? So watch this video made by CADI, which summarizes all the information I gave you this:

Contact CADI

If you do not want to go through the site, you can also start the process related to your micro credit by phone.

Call 0 969 328 110 (if you are a little fair, know that the number is not surcharged). You will have someone a line, a counselor: after asking you a few questions he will tell you whether or not you are eligible. If so, he will then propose an appointment.

An appointment with a counselor CADI, how is it going?

The person who will receive you will, in principle, be kind. But to be able to accede to your request, she has questions to ask you, do not offend, and try to answer them as completely as possible.

It will ask you about your income, your pro experience, your project, your entourage… Allow time, because the appointment will last at least 60 minutes. Do not forget to bring with you:

  1. our last 3 bank account statements
  2. An ID
  3. The name and contact details of your deposit.

If you are in debt and follow a plan to clean up your debts, come with a copy.

What if you are told “no”?

If CADI’s answer is negative, you are not yet ready to apply for funding, and your project must mature a little before going through the “money” box. This does not mean that it is a definitive no, quite the contrary.

To improve your project, you will be invited to join a collective workshop to complete this project. You can then submit a new application for funding.

Time is money

Once your file has been proposed to the credit committee, you wonder how long you will have an answer. Rest assured: the CADI does not drag. Every 7 days, the committee meets to answer definitively. You will not wait very long.

Once the answer is given, the signature appointment will follow. Do not forget to inform the person who stands surety for you, she will have to accompany you to sign the loan agreement.

Rest money. Once you have signed the contract, and that there will be all the necessary documents in the file, you will receive the money in your bank account between 3 and 5 business days.