Fan creates a one-player game among us called “Among You”


Just under a month ago, independent YouTuber game developer and Among Us fan Tokaint created a single-player spinoff horror game called “Among You.”

This Among Us spinoff game puts the player in the shoes of an investigator trying to figure out who killed the crew of an unnamed Skeld-inspired ship. Tokaint described the game as a speedrun horror game where the player gathers clues and tries to dodge an impatient impostor who tries to score a final kill.

Short, sweet, surprisingly scary

Tokaint took the time to present his process for creating this Among Us spin-off that he created in less than 48 hours. After showing how he built it, however, he took the time to show off some gameplay so fans could see exactly what it looks like.

Among You plays a lot like the old indie game Slender Man that took the internet by storm eight years ago (wow, I’m old). The player wanders through a dark environment trying to collect something while hoping to avoid a mysterious figure stalking him, and if he gets caught the kill screen simply shows his face in close-up while scary music is playing.

Despite the similarities, Among You still feels quite different, mainly due to the use of the same artistic resources of Among Us and a top-down perspective. Additionally, Among You gives players the option to turn on the lights to create a temporary safe zone where they can investigate in peace.

How can fans play the Among Us spin-off?

Tokaint said at the end of the video that he would make Among You a real game, titled SUS, and take suggestions from the comments on his YouTube video, and release the game on iOS and Android.

At the moment, however, it doesn’t appear that this solo experience isn’t available just yet. Tokaint has been active since the video’s release, creating other content derived from Among Us that helped catapult his career to YouTube.

Notably, just a few weeks ago, on November 12, Tokaint released a video referencing its “10,000 subscribers,” a video that now has over 150,000 views on a channel that is rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers.

So while it may take a while for a spin-off from Among Us to release, fans can be happy to know that this content creator is currently enjoying explosive success thanks to his non-stop creativity.

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