Fortnite Game of Thrones Event – Is There a Crossover?


Fortnite Game of Thrones Event rumors spread quickly, with the hint of a potential crossing send fans theorizing about the next ice zombies (White walkers?), dragon eggs in the castle, and more. Following the Fortnite Avengers event, which added the big bad Thanos to the game with his insanely powerful Infinity Gauntlet, certainly anything seems possible. Fortnite is a massive game that has an influence on millions of people. This makes it attractive intellectual property that other brands can use to reach a wider audience. With the possible onset of winter, it certainly seems possible that Game Of Thrones enemies and potentially dragons could appear before Season 7 ends!

Fortnite Game of Thrones event – Will there be a crossover?

When looking for official confirmation of a Fortnite Game of Thrones event, neither Epic Games nor the Game Of Thrones the team or cast have publicly acknowledged any crossbreeding. However, one cannot deny the similarities between Fortnitecurrent in-game events and Game Of Thrones spectacle. Winter has come to the game, just like in the show. Ice zombies also appear in the game and look like The iron ThroneThe White Walkers. Also there are Fortnite dragon eggs!

With the last season of Game Of Thrones set to launch on April 14, it certainly makes sense that HBO is looking to partner with Epic Games for a massive marketing campaign. It worked with The Avengers, then maybe it could work with Had.

Sure, Game Of Thrones targets a more mature audience and so might perhaps seem a bit out of place in such a kid-friendly game. This is one of the main reasons to doubt the likelihood of such an event.

Fortnite Game of Thrones Event – What is the Frozen Sphere and the Ice King?

Fortnite Game of Thrones event

The mysterious Fortnite Icy Sphere is believed to be linked to a big event that would take place on Saturday January 19th. The timers seen on in-game TVs suggest a start time of 2 p.m. ET. Based on the footage from the game, it is likely that the Ice King character will appear in the center of the ice sphere and completely cover the rest of the map with snow.

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