‘Fortnite:’ Revolutionary hitbox issue found, Ninja’s new Shadow Bomb cheese


Construction structures in “FortniteRoyal battle is just one of the features that made the game unique among other BR titles. However, sometimes it happens that players win a match due to some bugs that have been uploaded along with a new update. This is exactly what just happened with the last game build bug after update V9.01 has been deployed.

The hitbox is too big

Reddit user u / nemqttv recently used r / FortniteCompetitive to show the revolutionary new bug involving the triangle of bricks. The 12-second clip the Redditor posted shows his character shooting another player behind the structure in question.

Although the recipient’s head is pointing outside the construction, the player was not injured by the shots the Reddit user fired until the structure was destroyed.

At first glance, the hitbox on the triangle the brick edition is quite large as it served as a kind of shield for the other player. According to Fortnite Intel, the bug appears to work both ways, adding that this issue will definitely disrupt gameplay for any player. As of this writing, Epic Games has yet to make an official statement on this emerging issue.

Another Ninja Shadow Bomb Achievement

Meanwhile, huge “Fortnite” streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has stumbled upon a new Ghost bomb feat which allows players to use the item for longer.

In his recent livestream, he demonstrated how the new feat works and he performed several wall jumps that prolonged the effects of the Ghost Bomb. The Twitch streamer can even be heard saying “new baller” as it refers to the feat. With that in mind, it is expected that players will use this newly discovered trick in both of the current World Cup and Arena modes of “Fortnite”.

Shadow Bomb cheeses

The phantom bomb was deployed alongside the Update V8.51 and just hours after its release, players have already discovered several ways to lengthen its invisibility effect by six seconds. Through @humanillianceThe tweet from earlier this month, if a player’s duo is knocked out and then revived while the bomb is active, that player will be invisible for the entire match.

He added that the player can even use weapons while performing a double jump.

Banner TimLeTatman was one of the first to discover the other Shadow bomb cheese and he tested his theory using a geyser in the in-game map. This was later confirmed that players will remain invisible as they slide. Update V8.51 also introduced another bug where players are instantly killed on a certain area of ​​the map (specifically the Knepley pawnshop in the now destroyed Tilted).


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