Roblox: Kid-Fi Media Makes Reading Fun For Kids With Roblox Game-Themed Books


Kid-Fi Media, an independent publisher of children’s books with a mission to make children lifelong reading lovers, has announced the release of a set of Roblox game-themed books called Diary of a Roblox Noob by Robloxia kids.

The company claims the collection is a set of 6 complete books that immerse children in a world full of epics Roblox– thematic quests.

Roblox is a vast online platform that allows children to interact in an immersive 3D world by giving players the ability to create avatars for themselves.

And while parents may have a hard time convincing their kids to choose reading over games, a Roblox Noob’s Diary makes unplugging a fun affair for kids as it incorporates characters from their favorite video game into one. series of exciting adventures.

Kid-Fi Media says kids can team up with Noob and Decks, the main heroes of the Roblox game-themed series, and take on all kinds of quests to save the world from the cunning Major Creative.

The publisher believes that by making reading fun and familiar, children will enjoy getting into the habit and will also be inspired to read other books.

“With video games taking over the world, we know that today more than ever, it’s crucial to make reading fun. Over 300 million children actively play Roblox and Minecraft, and we think each of them should be able to love reading as much as they love their favorite games. “

Kid-Fi Media says its writers, editors and artists are a diverse and collaborative team dedicated to producing books that bring smiles to children around the world.

The headlines featured in a Roblox Noob’s Diary are; Granny, Swarm of bees, Mad City, Ro-Ghoul and Christmas Special: Work in a Pizzeria. The whole collection is available on Amazon, at a price the company promises is half of what parents would normally spend to buy each title individually.

Kid-Fi Media assures parents that the collection is the perfect gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift, because it educates as much as it entertains.

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